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Growing the commons by bringing together people in software, hardware & crypto.

Our mission

We are a nonprofit seeking to cultivate openness, accessibility and the sharing of knowledge in the cryptocurrency hardware and software communities. Though many in the space share an ethos of decentralized knowledge, too much of the information in the blockchain world is still held behind closed doors. Join us in our journey to spread information, educate each other, and build a community for the flourishing of open-source knowledge here at Qi Hardware.

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Open Hardware

Since 2009, Qi Hardware has been bringing the open-source revolution to computer hardware. Our products include the Milkymist video synthesizer and the Ben Nanonote handheld computer. Looking forward, we are trying to bring copyleft ethics to the cryptocurrency world. We want to disrupt a status quo in which only a few major companies participate in advancing chip design. This oligarchical concentration of power is stunting innovation and preventing competition. By promoting open-sourced chip designs and demystifying the crypto-hardware-software industry we hope to create opportunities for innovation.

Qi Hardware timeline:
  • Open Source movement
  • Creative Commons and Free Culture movements
  • Openmoko: First Open Source Cellphone
  • Qi Hardware born
  • Qi Ben Nanonote
  • Milkymist, the video mixer, fpga chip
  • Milkymist, the first fpga bitcoin Miner
  • Qi Hardware Goes Read-Only
  • Canaan AvalonMiner 1st ASIC Miner born
  • Canaan Continues AvalonMiner 2..9xx Series of Bitcoin Miners
  • Bitmain makes Bitcoin miner, Uses Canaan Open Source
  • Poex Born, Proof of Existence codebase open sourced
  • Linzhi Founded to make Ethereum ASICs
  • Qi Hardware now possible!

___ Journal

The ____ Journal will be a quarterly journal of original, high-quality articles. We will include both technical writing as well as exploration of the cultural and aesthetic implications of cryptocurrency. Our goals include outreach and onboarding - bringing information on cutting-edge technology to the masses. Signup with your email to be notified of the quarterly ____ Journal launch or contact us to submit your research and writings for consideration.

Here's some examples of subjects we are interested in
  • Hardware
  • Computing
  • Futurology
  • Shenzhen
  • Cultural politics of US & China
  • Decentralized culture
  • History of the open source movement
  • Crypto and the arts
  • Blockchain for dummies
  • Education & explainers
  • Use cases of cryptocurrency

Scale Newsletter

Every week we compile selected reading material on crypto, technology, software, economics, and the technical and cultural implications of the open-source movement. These disparate articles are then compiled into a PDF for relaxed, distraction-free reading. Join our Telegram group to contribute.

In our Telegram channel, we have a friendly robot helper that can take article submissions and select them to be reviewed for the upcoming issue of Scale. You can also upvote your favorite submission and help us curate. Come join our community!

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We are a public non-profit project.

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