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Scale Week 18 四 sì Released

Scale Week 18 四 sì Released Wed, May 15, 2019

Scale Week 18 四 sì is. 4 Original Writings. Its a family affair. Post-self-unblock, Jon takes the pass in his writing Alley-oop and uses the energy to unblock his Mom and Dad from their writing blocks. First time contributions from Sally Phillips explaining depression era zerowaste policies. Doug Phillips writes “Chainsaw Manicure!” providing some reflection and hope through describing what it is like to be a minister using a chainsaw to chop church pews, “his past.” Scale 18 connects to history and upgrades the past (check the website to see :).

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Scale Week 17 三 sān Released

Scale Week 17 三 sān Released Fri, May 10, 2019

Scale Week 17 三 sān is slashing. 3 solid writings. Editor column covers the Self-Unblock. ONG Records Only Next Generation 2 (ONG2) event is recapped including the announcement of art grants. Finally, Clement Renaud lets us know the difference between Shenzhen and other cities. This is a always on time Scale. It is your time to write something for Scale :)

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Scale Week 16 二 èr Released

Scale Week 16 二 èr Released Mon, Apr 29, 2019

Scale Week 16 二 èr is ART (bad joke, but is sound of èr). Clement Renaud answered the call, and shared a writing, The Writer’s Debt and subsequently made a listing of his approach to take control back in his life. Jon Phillips reminded us that ONG2 happened, 7 statements wered made from ONG Records and Fabricatorz Foundation. He also made a writing about his approach to tackling NOT TO DO LISTS, called JINTIAN. Paying Down All Forms of Debt, Scale 16. Feedback Welcome.

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Scale Week 15 一 yī Released

Scale Week 15 一 yī Released Wed, Apr 24, 2019

Scale Week 15 一 yī is freed. 2nd edition, all fresh writings. The problem now, its one author! :) So to make extra juicy: The Editor’s Column by Jon Phillips is Call for Participation + Insider Gossip. Also, The Secret Origin of Bassel Khartabil: The Open Source Open Hardware Developer, a timeline of Bassel’s major contributions and how they fit into this universe is out. And, the O.N.G. BREAK-IN Model Specification is published. Scale has an ISSN, goes into the public record and is linkable on Wikipedia AND is in the Library of Congress, history seekers. Soon we will add crypto payments to the upvoting system. Feedback welcome. We keeeeep scaling up while zero-wasting down.

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Scale Week 14 零 líng Released

Scale Week 14 零 líng Released Apr 15, 2019

Scale Week 14 is ZEROED. This week Scale is reset to the zero. Read inside to find out the decisions made to improve Scale and how editing of Scale Journal will be handled to keep the quality increasing. We also detail out how you may submit your writing to be published in Scale and be recorded forever in the Library of Congress and on the Internet. Scale 14 is a pivot. Feedback welcome as commits, meaning, please submit your “trusted original writing”.

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