Testnet guide: Your first cryptocurrency transaction (without real coins)

The cryptocurrency is usually too much expensive to be used for test today.

Because it runs in mainnet. As a beginner in blockchain, you can finish your

first transaction in testnet, it is also a public network. And you can always

get the testnet coins for free. This guide will tell you how to get and use it.

What's testnet coins ?

In the blockchain world, it usually has 3 networks.

They are mainnet, testnet and private network.

For example:

  • Bitcoin: mainnet, testnet3 and regtest
  • Ethereum: mainnet, ropsten and private network

Different network use different coin, so

  • You can't send Bitcoin to Ethereum directly
  • You also can't send coins from mainnet to testnet
  • You will lost your coin or reject by the wallet if you send to the wrong network

coins that used in the testnet called testnet coins.

Why use testnet ?

  • Mainnet and testnet are public network

  • Testnet is a public beta network

    It is always used by the programmers, but it can also used by anyone who want to learn about the blockchain

  • You can try the blockchain apps at the very early stage in the testnet

How to get test coins ?

You can get coins through mining or trading in mainnet.

In testnet, you can also get them through mining, but the quick way is testnet faucet.

Before you get the coins, you need to install the wallet that supports testnet


Blockchain Testnet Support Testnet Not Support
Bitcoin BitPay, Copay CoolBitx, BRD, Jaxx
Ethereum Toshi, Status, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet Trust


NOTE: DON'T BE GREEDY, Take it for testing, donate it back if you don't use it.

Bitcoin faucet

Etherum faucet

Find a good place to finish your first transaction

If you get testnet coins, now you can make payment. There are a lot of blockchain apps support testnet.

Bitcoin testnet apps

You can find your transactions through any of the Bitcoin Explorer

Ethereum testnet apps

You can find your transactions through the Ethereum Explorer