Scale Week 13 源 yuán Released

Scale Week 13 源 yuán released Apr 07, 2019

Scale Week 13 is LIVE. Straight from the \u6E90 yu\xE1n or source. Did you notice that the co-founder of Canaan, Xiangfu Liu, released the Bitcoin Miner Canaan A851 and FPGA Miner Icarus design files? We re-share. Articles on operating systems were upvoted about upgrading firmware for devices. An essay is posted by Jon Phillips about the Breakerspaces HK project by Matt Hope that re-invented the term zerowaste. The first in a potential series. The current state of Canaan, Linzhi and their pre-cursors, Qi Hardware, is shared. The final piece is a conclusion posted by \u201Ckidproto\u201D about the virtual culture of energists vs real life energist activities. Have a great Sunday, right from the \u6E90."