Designing in a World of limited resources

What is Qi? Qi (气) is the energy that flows through everything. It is the energy that flows from nature into electricity, from hardware to software, from cryptocurrency to people, and back to nature. It is the vital life force to be balanced through daily practice.

Some Global Context

Our world is facing three major changes :

  1. the threatening impact of man-made products on natural ecosystems
  2. the new level of interdependence between global economic, industrial, monetary, and regulatory systems
  3. the extension of digital technologies into more domains of life.

From climate monitoring to instant messaging, the design and appropriation of electronic hardware stands at the core of these transformations. Qi Hardware's goal is to support action and reflection about energy in hardware design and manufacturing.

Duga radar system in Chernobyl (Ukraine) -- Jorge Franganillo (cc)

Open processes for energy & machines

Energy consumption and recycling in fabrication, supply chains and applications of electronic hardware need to be addressed not only as a marginal cost factor but as a central issue about the becoming of our world. We still lack of reliable processes to imagine, create, evaluate and produce hardware outside the secrecy of the existing industry.

Open source has given access to plans and code, but has bring little to the integration and control of their outputs. Manufacturing still require large amounts of capital and energy, leading to bad design, secretive practices -- and proliferation of shady backdoors and sales strategies.

With the rise of crypto(graphy/currencies), the trust in chips and electronics has become a common endeavour not only for stability of technological systems, but also for global peace and prosperity.